Pre-Admission Registration

To have your pre-admission registration processed, please come to the Admission counters at Hospital Lobby, Level 1. (Open 24 hours daily). Your doctor or the clinic staff will make the necessary bookings for your admission into the hospital.
We will assist you from the beginning of admission procedure with our doctors and nurses.

The documents that are required for the appointment or admission are passport, any related insurance documents and Medical Report from previous Clinic or Hospital (if any).

Should you be treated longer at the hospital, we should be able to confirm the availability of a room type only at the time of your admission. This is due to the uncertainty of discharges and emergency admissions in a hospital. However, if we are unable to provide you with the room of your choice at admission, we will make the transfer as soon as your preferred room type is available.

Kasih Ibu Hospital International Patient Assistance Center (IPAC) team is very pleased to welcome the international patient at any of our hospitals. The friendly staff will assist you with the administration process and any non-medical arrangement during your visit.

Where To Go?

Upon arrival at the hospital, proceed to the Admissions counter at Hospital Lobby, Level 1 with the necessary documents as listed above. Should laboratory tests or investigative procedures are required our IPAC staff will inform you and these are usually started after the registration process is complete.