Medication & Treatment

Hemodialysis (dialysis) is a medical procedure using a hemodialysis machine as a replacement Renal function was broken in filtering metabolic toxins. It takes 4 up to 5 hours for each visit on a routine patient and patients in need of dialysis 2 or 3 times / week per physician. Hemodialysis is also known as dialysis is the process of withdrawal substances waste and toxins from the body by using the machine to replace the role of the kidney.

The function of hemodialysis for patients with renal failure is to :

  • Get rid of the rest of the body’s metabolism.
  • Ejects excess water in the body.
  • Create and regulate blood-control hormones, calcium attacks.
  • Maintain the balance of chemicals, eg salt, water in the body, etc.

The department offers a range of haemodialysis facilities for hospitalized patients and outpatients with acute or chronic renal failure requiring dialysis treatment. It operates four B-Braun machines which offers our patients cost-effective treatment whilst also affords them safe and high standard of care.