Focus & Care

Kasih Ibu Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit places the utmost emphasis on patient-focused care for our critically ill patients. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides sophisticated care and life support for seriously ill or injured patients. Our team of dedicated medical professionals will ensure patients receive the special level of care they require.

Philips Mobile Caregiver

Recently we implemented a new system called Phillips Mobile Caregiver. Kasih Ibu Hospital is one of the first hospital in Indonesia that use this mobile application in order to allow doctors and nurses to view patient alarms from their smart phones, while also being able to view a near real-time snapshot of a patient’s vital signs. This technology provides mobile access to patient monitoring information from virtually anywhere.

We have also endeavoured to provide a restful and peaceful environment for both our patients and their loved ones, as we hope our care and support can bring you some much-needed comfort during this time of stress and tension.