Advanced Radiology

Kasih Ibu Hospital operates one of the most complete and advanced Radiology and Imaging services in the region. Our specialized radiologists and highly trained healthcare professionals work as a cohesive team to provide interpretive diagnostic imaging reports and opinions to assist your doctor in making the best decisions to manage your treatment.

Depending on your symptoms, your doctor will arrange tests that aid in the diagnosis of your condition and to better understand what is going on inside your body. These tests can be conducted using various imaging technologies like X-ray, 16 slices Computed Tomography (CT- Scan), 1,5 Tesla of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasonography (USG), Dental Panoramic or can include non-invasive cardiac tests like electrocardiogram (ECG). All of these imaging systems are connected and integrated into our secure and centralized state-of-the-art PACS system (Picture Archiving and Communication System).

With this PACS technology, we are reducing the use of conventional film for our patients, but instead images are provided in the form of a CD. In addition to that, our Teleradiology system allows the imaging results to be accessed online by our doctors faster from virtually anywhere.

  • Filmless Radiology

    Filmless radiology is a solution used to replace conventional film and the scans are linked to a computer monitor or laser printer. They can also be stored on CD.

    The advantages of Filmless Radiology :

    • Cost Effective
      With the increasing price of film radiology, every year the cost of this type of radiology services will rise. We offer a choice of radiology services without using the film and we store the images on CD for you to take away.
    • Easy to carry
      The radiology result are stored on a CD which easy to transport.
    • Easy to send online
      The images can also be sent by email for medical treatment. It is also good for our international patients who want to communicate with their doctors back home.
    • No need to bring the film during your visit
      The images will always be stored in our servers and available for viewing anytime. Should further inspection be needed, your doctor can open up the file via any devices including a PC, tablet or even a mobile phone.
    • Faster than before
      There is no need to develop films so this process is now even faster than before
  • MRI

    KIH Denpasar Radiologi MRI 0.35T

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    KIH Saba Radiologi MRI

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    KIH Kedonganan CT Scan

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  • X - Ray

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    KIH Kedonganan XRay 2

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  • Dental Panoramic

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