One-day Care

One-day care is where you stay in a private room in one of our four hospitals for up to 12 hours.  During your stay, while our medical team keep an eye on you while you rest.  If you need any test, treatment or medication, we can also arrange them for you.

One-day care is the highest level of care you can get without hospital admission.  It is perfect for the lone traveller who is staying alone in Bail and recovering from an illness or condition.  It gives you a peace of mind knowing there is someone there to help you should you need it.

If you are travelling in a group and one of your group members is unwell, then we can care for that person while the group goes on with the planned schedule.

One Day Service reduces stress and making health care easy in Bali.

  • What can you expect?

    If you would like one-day care, come to one of our four hospital across Bali.  Our English-speaking staff at the International Division will organize a private room for you to rest in.  We have six different types of room and they are priced according to their level of luxury.

    1. Royal Suite
    2. Deluxe
    3. Superior
    4. Standard 1
    5. Standard 2
    6. Junior room

    Once you have settled in your room, a doctor will visit you.  The doctor will find out your condition and create your care plan.  You can then rest easy knowing that you are well cared for.  A medical staff will visit you periodically, to monitor your condition and give you the necessary medication and/or treatments.

    The one-day care can be used in conjunction with:

    • Maternity services
    • Observation services for things like a head trauma or a high fever
    • Dehydration
    • Sunstroke and heat stroke
    • Food poisoning
    • Allergic reactions
    • Exhaustion
    • Tropical disease treatment
    • Haemodialysis
    • Recovery from an operation

    For your comfort and convenience, our International Division has English and Japanese-speaking staff to assist you during you stay.  For more information or to book one-day care, call 081 1355 0303.