If you are critically ill or have life-threatening conditions, you need our intensive care unit (ICU).  In the ICU, you get around the clock monitoring, life support and highly specialized care.  All of these are to ensure your body function normally.

There are many different reasons why you may need intensive care.  You may not be able to breathe on your own or have major problems with one or more organs.  Other reasons include:

  • After a serious motor accident, where you sustained severe injuries or severe burns
  • Severe short-term condition, like a heart attack or a stroke
  • Serious infection such as sepsis or pneumonia
  • After major surgery, as a planned part of your recovery or an emergency measure.

What set the ICU apart from ordinary ward are equipment, the carers and fewer visitors.

  • Vital Sign Monitor

    Kasih Ibu Hospitals are always at the cutting edge of healthcare in Asia.  We are the first hospital in Indonesia to implement a Phillips Mobile Caregiver. This application allows our doctors and nurses to see your status and vital signs from their smart phones at any time.  Our doctors can then coordinate with your care team to adjust treatments, to ensure you get the best possible care.

    Our ICU also have various life-supporting equipment.  This equipment is used to support your bodily functions, such as breathing, until you recover.

  • Professional Medical Staff

    Our ICU has low patient-to-nurse ratio, to ensure that we monitor your progress closely and adjust your treatment as needed.  In addition, all ICU staff have received specialized intensive care training.  Our team of dedicated professionals, combined with the latest technology, ensure you get the very best care.

    Furthermore, we provide a peaceful environment for you to recover.

    There are ICUs in all Kasih Ibu Hospitals:

    • Kasih Ibu Hospital Denpasar
    • Kasih Ibu Hospital Kedonganan (Near Kuta)
    • Kasih Ibu Hospital Saba (Near Ubud)
    • Kasih Ibu Hospital Tabanan

    For more information about our intensive care, call 081 1355-0303.