Laboratory medicine is a very important and yet largely hidden part of the diagnostic cycle. Fast and accurate testing helps your doctor to make the right treatment decisions for you. The technicians who work in hospital laboratories are like detectives, tracking down the origins and solutions for infection and disease.

All Kasih Ibu Hospitals have their own laboratories.  Each lab can perform a wide range of tests for different specialities such as: neurology, tropical diseases, urology, gynaecology, dermatology and cardiology.

Each Kasih Ibu Hospital has integrated Lab Information System (LIS).  Using LIS, your doctor can see your test results online.  Your carer can start, adjust or stop a course of treatment as required.  The result is cost-effective use of expensive drugs and other therapies.

  • Staffed by specialist teams

    In our labs are teams of medical staff and scientists whose jobs are to study samples from patients, to determine what’s make them unwell. Each team has pathologists, laboratory technicians and other support staff.  Together, they determine the causes of your illness and disease.

    Doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical staff work with pathologists and clinical scientists for advice on the nature and gravity of a patient’s illness, in turn, making sure they get the proper treatment. For more information or to organize a test, call 081 1355-0303.