Have you ever wondered how doctors know what is making you sick, especially when there are no obvious external signs or symptoms?  How do they know which virus, bacteria or parasite is causing your condition?  The hospital laboratory carries a variety of tests, which provide critical information to your doctor, so that he or she can determine course of treatment or ways to prevent diseases.

Each of the four Kasih Ibu Hospital has a fully equipped laboratory that can perform the most complex tests. With around 70% of clinical decisions based on laboratory results, our technicians take pride in doing your tests correctly and accurately.

Performing tests correctly means doing the tests that your doctor ordered and make sure no error happens when carrying out those tests.  All our laboratory technicians are well-qualified.  They also have on-going training to continuously improve their skills and stay up to date with medical advances.

  • Lab Information System

    We use an integrated Laboratory Information System (LIS) to maximize accuracy and efficiency in our labs.  Automation is a key part of the LIS. Through automation, we significantly reduced the number of manual processes.  That minimized the chances of laboratory errors and increases the accuracy of your test results.  In addition, we can also do your tests more quickly and your doctor can access the results electronically.

    With this kind of laboratory system and more accurate test results, your doctor can better start, adjust and stop your course of treatment.  The system also allows for the most appropriate and cost-effective use of expensive drugs and other therapies.  That means you get better sooner.