Our special Medical Check-up centre offers a number of different types of international standard medical checks carried out by our professional medical team.

Medical check-ups are a great way to prevent disease or receive early treatment and are an investment in, not only your wellbeing but also a source of security for your family.

  • Executive Medical Check Up

    You don’t need to travel to places like Singapore and Malaysia to have an international standard of medical check-up. We have comprehensive facilities here in Bali to facilitate your needs, including:

    • Medical Check Up Packages  – You can choose the package that best suits your needs.
    • Specialist Doctors – Examination and lab results are supervised by specialist doctors which means you get the right doctor to handle your results and give you the most pertinant advice
    • The Lab Information System (LIS) – Our Lab is fully automated, to minimize the potential for human error and ensure your test results are correct and accurate.
    • Latest equipment – We use the latest equipment such as the Medical Body Composition Analyzer (MBCA) tool to analyze the body’s composition, treadmills, and other advanced equipment to measure your health.
    • Executive Lounge – You can relax in the executive lounge while waiting for the various tests and the results.
    • Professional staff – Our medical staff are always ready to help and serve you.