Kasih Ibu Hospital International Patient Assistance Center (IPAC) team is very pleased to welcome the international patient at any of our sites. The friendly staff will assist you with the administration process and any non-medical arrangement during your visit.

The IPAC Team :

  • Denpasar
    • Mr. Wayan Sukayada as the Head of IPAC : wayan.sukayada@kih.co.id
    • Mrs. Dwitya Mahadewi : dwitya.mahadewi@kih.co.id
    • Mrs. Eka Dewi : eka.dewi@kih.co.id
    • Mrs. Pina Rosila : ketut.pina@kih.co.id
    • Mrs. Melati as Japanese Liaison Officer : melati@kih.co.id
  • Tabanan
    • Mrs. Agustina Wina : agustina.wina@kih.co.id
  • Kedonganan
    • Mrs. Sari Astuti : sari.astuti@kih.co.id
    • Mr. Putra Segara : putra.segara@kih.co.id
  • Saba
    • Mrs. Puspa Yanti : puspa.yanthi@kih.co.id
    • Mrs. Putu Supiani : putu.supiani@kih.co.id

It will be the IPAC members honor to support the patients throughout the treatment, medication and recovery process at our hospital. In addition, ,member of this team may also provide the estimation cost for all the treatments and procedures.