Question and Answer

Question 1 – Can your doctors speak other languages apart from Bahasa Indonesian?

The majority of the doctors and staff employed by the International Division of our hospitals speak English. There are also some Japanese speakers at Kasih Ibu Hospital Denpasar.

Question 2 – Does Kasih Ibu accept insurance from my home country?

We work with many international insurance companies. To find out if we work with your insurance company, call our Alarm Centre at Denpasar on (0361) 300-2103.

Question 3 – Where is Kasih Ibu Hospital? There are four Kasih Ibu Hospitals in Bali:

    1. Denpasar (central) – Jl. Teuku Umar No. 120, Denpasar. Tel: (0361) 300-3030
    2. Kedonganan (south) – Jl. Uluwatu No. 69 A, Kedonganan. Tel: (0361) 703-270
    3. Saba (east Bali) – Jl. Raya Pantai Saba No. 9. Tel: (0361) 300-3333
    4. Tabanan (northwest Bali) – Jl. Flamboyan No. 9, Tabanan. Tel: (0361) 300-5757

Question 4 – What services does Kasih Ibu Hospital have that I may need while on holiday?

Kasih Ibu Hospitals are general hospitals, which mean you can get a wide range of medical services from any one of our four hospitals. For international tourists, you may need help with:

    1. Bali Belly, aka traveller’s diarrhoea, after eating contaminated food.
    2. Dengue fever as a result of getting bitten by an infected mosquito.
    3. Cut and fractures after a motorbike accident.
    4. Ear infection which results in fever, ear pain, and hearing impairment.
    5. Dialysis for those tourists with kidney conditions.

Question 5 – What services does Kasih Ibu Hospital have that I might need as an expat?

As an expat, you may need to see a doctor from time-to-time for various conditions. Nine times out of ten, you will see the doctor as an outpatient, without the need to stay overnight at the hospital. The five specialists that many expats see are:

    1. Internist for fever, infection, kidney issues and various pains
    2. Orthopaedic surgeon for fractures, sprain, and bruises.
    3. Obstetrician-gynaecologist (obgyn) for pregnancy and other women’s health issues.
    4. Paediatrician for children and adolescents’ health care.
    5. Physiatrist to manage rehabilitation and restore bodily functions.

Question 6 – How do I contact Kasih Ibu? What is the best way to make an appointment?

If you not sure your nearest Kasih Ibu Hospital, call the International Division in Denpasar on 0811 355-0303.

Tell the Relationship Officer (RO):

    1. Your location, so that the RO can tell you the nearest Kasih Ibu Hospital.
    2. Your condition or the specialist you want to see.
    3. Your preferred time and date for the appointment.