Haemodialysis Centre

 Your kidneys filter blood to remove waste, salt and extra water from your body.  When your kidneys are not functioning well, waste products build up and can cause serious health issues.  You have chronic renal failure when your kidneys perform less than 15% of their normal function.  This is when you need haemodialysis.

Haemodialysis (HD) is the process of filtering your blood using a dialysis machine.  The machine works much like your kidneys.  It removes waste to keep your fluids and electrolytes balanced. Kasih Ibu Hospital Group has two haemodialysis centres, located at:

  1. Kasih Ibu Hospital Denpasar
  2. Kasih Ibu Hospital Tabanan

Our centre in Denpasar is dedicated to overseas visitors and expats.  It is roomy, quiet and well-appointed.  For international tourists, we work with your home doctor to create a tailored traveller’s dialysis program for you.

  • Equipment

    We use B-Braun machines in our centres.  These machines provide high standard care cost effectively.  For your safety and to provide optimal results, we change the filters after each procedure.

    You can get haemodialysis services as hospitalized inpatient or outpatient.  The process usually takes around 4 hours.  You may need to come 2 or 3 times a week, depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

    For more information or booking, please call 081 1355-0303.